Discover Children Characters from the Toys They Play

Discover Children Characters from the Toys They Play

Article by Tonysteve

If you are parents, you should find that your kids always want to get more and more kids toys and they like to play with them at any time. It seems that they can’t be satisfied by the all kinds of toys bought by their parents. According to the research, do you know that children’s psychological status and characters can be to some degrees reflected from the toys they play and the ways to play. Playing is the children’s nature, only during the playing process, children can feel the outside world and familiar with the world. What’s more, their intelligence can be developed from the playing process. For example, little children love to get toys with bright-coloured feature at hands and also like to choose toys which can make fair-sounding sound. At one year old, children always want to get toys at hands to feel their texture and temperature. At two or three years, they begin to have interest in immobile toys. After three years old, children like to play with toys with their own ways and in some circumstance they even take down toys because of their strong curiosity. They often think what the toys structure, as a result, more and more children choose to break down toys.

On the other hands, you can judge children’s character from the toys they play.

Children who like to play with stuffed animals such as stuffed bears, stuffed dogs and so on are always delicate, obsessive and have rich emotion. Generally, stuffed animals can not only be used as toys and companions, but also be used to vent bad feeling. They can satisfy chidlren’s different emotional needs at different times. In addition, stuffed animals are always soft because of their raw material, therefore chidlren can use them to feel comfortable and safe.

Children who love to to assemble toys usually have strong curiosity and easily be attracted by things around them. At the same time, they can pay more attention on the same things and have enough patience. When playing with assembled toys, chidlren should use their brains, hands and eyes at the same time so that their operability and creative ability can be developed at the same time. As usual, assembled toys are bright-coloured, safe to play and what’s more can be played for several times, therefore it is the necessary toys for children to play in the childhood. As parents, you should encourage chidlren to play assembled toys with their own imagination.

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