Did elin nordegren set up Tiger woods to make him look that way?

Question by : Did elin nordegren set up Tiger woods to make him look that way?
Elin came from a family (dysfunctional family) that was poor but she never really worked for what she wanted. Tiger woods came from a family that supported him in his dreams and he always worked for what he wanted. His dating (before elin) was kept private. He didn’t date the same type clientele during his single days. Yet while his affair was going on, he thought of it by himself. He was actually looking for a life-long companion, she was looking for a way out of her job and later realized that she didn’t want to be married. Children’s whose parents were married during their childhood are less likely to end marriages in separation. I’ve actually been to two golf tournaments (one in which tiger woods was playing and the champion). It’s not easy getting behind closed doors to get to Tiger Woods. If his wife was actually at every tournament like his mother was and dad, then how could she not see anything going on. Also, it’s known that manipulative people like to major in psychology. I actually know for a fact she set him up. I also know that he was truly not who the family tried to make him out to be and what the tabloids are making him out to be. It raises a bigger question about the mom telling tiger to get a PRE-NUP because something was “fishy” about her from the get go. I want to hear your answers then I will give you my knowledge on how she set him up and how she really did the “cheating” during their marriage.
No. It’s not false and I’m not a troll. No woman wants to marry “down” and she found her ticket. She also needed to pay for her sister’s law degree as well. She wanted and loved money.
Elementary, my dear michelle, elementary.
Also, I was close enough to get Tiger’s autograph but was only able to get Paul Casey’s autograph. Since the act happened here in the United States, she can be on trial for a criminal case now that it happened.
But Michelle, I was at a Tiger wood’s tournament in december of 2006. It was the final round and Tiger just won the tournament. He went into the clubhouse and stayed in the clubhouse for a while. I was inside the rope area, right where they come out to go onto the winner’s circle. Before he even came out of the locker room, they noticed me inside the rope and asked me to step outside the rope. Once he came out he had 4 security officers around him with 2 golf personnel. I’m not saying that it would have been hard to Shoot him but for a woman to even get close to give him her phone number, it wouldn’t happen. Now, as far as the hotel is concern, you can’t get into that hotel. Period. No one is allowed, only close family members. If she was responsible for someone else’s children (like elin in her earlier day) then yes. This happened while he was married. This was when his security was still covering the guy. He only signed 3 autographs that day and left to talk t

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Answer by Robert S
Your assertions are completely false.Why don’t you state your “Facts”and set the record straight.

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  1. Michelle C said,

    Wrote on January 29, 2012 @ 11:03 am

    So you know this for a fact yet the closest you’ve been to tiger is a spectator at a couple of golf tournaments
    ok then…

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