Could I possibly get into Duke?

Question by J: Could I possibly get into Duke?
I am in the 9th Grade at Myers Park High School. I am considered really smart for my grade but I am not sure whether this is right. I am currently taking Pre-Calculus Honors, English 1, Gym, and Biology 1 and I had scored in the 99 th percentile for every math and science final exam starting in the 8th grade. I had completed World History Honors, Algebra 2 Honors IBMYP, and French 2 IBMYP. I will be taking Calclus Honors and French 3 Honors over the summer. Finally the courses I had registered to take next year are IB Higher Level 1 (Math), IB French 4, AP Psychology, AP Computer Science A, AP Environmental science, Medical Science 1 Honors, English 2 IBMYP, Physics 1 IBMYP, Chemistry 1 IBMYP, & Civics & Economics IBMYP. I am also going to chess nationals, and Science Olympiad State Finals This Year. I tutor kids in math at various levels for community service. My GPA is 4.0 unweighted, and 4.5 weighted. I am from India (I was born there then I moved here). I had also won the national title, National Champion for The National Academic League. I also play golf and badminton. Do I have a good chance at all getting into Duke or an other Ivy League?

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Answer by Crystal Gayle
First of all, Duke is not an Ivy League. Second of all, Myers Park High School is a very good school in Charlotte. You are taking the right classes, and your GPA is quite good. I would encourage you to become more involved in your community. Do you volunteer or do any community service in the area? You need to show you are more than just an intellectual guy who does well at school. What makes you well rounded? What precisely do you have to offer Duke University and the world in general? How are you going to make an impact?

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