Contemporary art and its significance

Contemporary art and its significance

Article by John

Today we witness that Indian contemporary art is so disciplined or intuitive and makes a critical break. It makes intuitive practices from the neo-expressionist painting, imitating the model of popular culture (pop art), or consciously and purpose to interpret the artwork as a text (called conceptual art), but ultimately an object, which provides its value through the phenomenological explanation or metaphysics.

So while the modern aesthetic is modeled Kantian and becomes an art in which prefigures the absence conflict, in which the pain and conflict are by at least suspended the work of art, in artistic practice highlights contemporary with acute accuracy or with just one point the rejection of the order, and even the rejection of a bipolar system, and revel in complicating it, the perception the world, overflowing aesthetic experience so that the universe appears to us in particle freely associated relatively significant and even proposing total absence of meaning.

In contemporary Indian art, philosophy unite psychoanalysis, aesthetic perception goes hand of psychic structure, driven by the authority paternal imposed by the institutions (school, family, the museum, the media) and into the drive for pleasure and the desire of self, both locked in the sand as possible and the indefinite. And there is lot of innovation contributed to the Indian contemporary art from Indian artist .

The big change that we can perceive in contemporary artistic tradition is the remoteness of the role of pleasure it provides work towards the enjoyment. This concept is especially adequate to understand what is happening today in the art, for enjoyment, unlike pleasure, is evil, eschatological and focuses in bodily experience. When we speak of enjoyment the subject’s relationship with the world through its body and psychic structure of values not understood and learned by cultural consensus or academic instruction. The enjoyment is moved between pain and satisfaction, frivolity and displeasure. It is an erotic experience in the sense psychoanalysis, as infinite life drive and sensuality. It lacks an obvious purpose, is insatiable, and promotes an endless search for satisfaction.

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