Conquering addictions using an outpatient clinic

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by mjmyap

Conquering addictions using an outpatient clinic

Article by Shelby Lara

Addictions and dependencies are a massive problem in this day and age. There are so many drugs on the market and so freely available that the trouble is avoiding the temptation. There are many studies into addictive personalities or why people become dependent in the first place. There are many dependencies. The most common one that has hugely addictive properties but no immediate harmful effects is of course nicotine.

Most people who smoke at one time or another try to quit. Not many actually achieve it. Reasons for this failure to cure one’s self of a relatively innocuous and legal drug are manifold but essentially they boil down to 2. Dependence on the nicotine “high” is a fairly absolute thing. The bodies of those who are addicted demand the frequent input of nicotine, once it has had “hit” that it releases the body from the craving until it is time for the next “hit”, which may be as little as minutes away.

But this craving can be recovered from and it steadily reduces over time. Very few people die from the withdrawal from smoking (although if you see the desperate faces of the smokers after a long haul flight you may wonder). The aspect often not addressed is the psychological one. People addicted to smoking not only need the nicotine but they also need the psychological prop that the action, the doing, the thing they do with the hands, of smoking brings. If one observes a pipe smoker you will find that when he lights a pipe and gets it going satisfactorily he will be fairly calm. That action of lighting a pipe is in itself a calming mantra and it seems to be impossible to light a pipe when angry or uptight.

Now the next class of addict is the drinker. And everything said above applies to them as well… although the effects of alcohol are more severe and the quitting drinking once an alcoholic is likely to be far more difficult to achieve.

Now we come to the drugs. As mentioned above drugs are flooding the nightclubs and the street corners of every city in this land, as well as Europe and elsewhere. Kids can pick up an “E” (Ecstasy tab) as easily as getting a glass of water and school children are nowadays being groomed as mules and peddlers for uppers, downers, crystal meth and marijuana. (and, and, and…)

Opiates are the most commonly abused of all the drugs. Coming from the poppy of Afghanistan they are converted to heroin or sold as opioids as formed into drugs like morphine and codeine or other legal drugs. The trouble with opioids is they are subject to misuse and can lead to addiction as the brain “rewards” the body as it receives the dose, and as the effects start to wear off induces a psychological craving for more.

Treatment to overcome opiate addiction includes the “wonder” drug; Suboxone. Suboxone induces the feeling of getting the hit but does not have the same effect while the other active ingredient prevents withdrawal symptoms.

A Suboxone detox treatment can safely be undertaken for the treatment of opiate addiction. Along with psychological counseling it is possible to be effective as an outpatient detox within a short period from the start of treatment.

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