Compulsive Gambling Is A Serious Disorder Requiring Help

There are many types of compulsive behavior. Compulsive gambling is one of the more serious types of compulsive behavior. It has the potential to not only ruin the life of the person who suffers from the compulsive behavior but to also ruin the lives of all of those close to him. It is important to understand that someone with a gambling problem is not gambling because he wants to. It is compulsive behavior, meaning that he can not control himself. That can be hard to understand and empathize with if you have never suffered from a compulsive problem yourself.

Furthermore, the availability of Internet gambling and online betting sites has made the problem much worse. While once, a gambler would need to leave his home to go gamble, today, anyone can gamble without changing out of their pajamas. All they need is an Internet connection and a credit card. Of particular concern, is that teenage gambling is on the rise and this may be in large part due to the availability of Internet gambling. It is no longer unusual today to hear about teens who have become addicted to gambling online.

Why is compulsive gambling dangerous?

A gambling addiction is not different from an addiction to drugs and alcohol. The potential destructive effects can be devastating to the individual and the family as well as lead to other compulsive behaviors. Divorce is higher among compulsive gamblers; financial problems are common among compulsive gamblers; the suicide rate among pathological gamblers is much higher than the general population. Further, co-morbidity is common among people suffering from a gambling problem — meaning that thye suffer from an additional behavioral problem such as alcohol addiction or mood disorders.SolutionsEven if you think it is under control, if your loved one is gambling regularly, talk to them about it. Open communication is the best way to know what is happening and to prevent problems.If you suspect an online gambling problem, you can look at their computer and see what sites they are visiting online. If you think there is a problem,  you may want to take active steps to eliminate the temptation of online gambling. By installing Parental Control software, you can block gambling sites.In many cases, eliminating the access will be enough to eliminate the problem.

A web filter is one of the most effective ways to protect your family from exposure to online gambling and betting sites. A free web filter trial is the best way to check if the solution is right for your home.

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