Compulsive Gambling Increasing Online

Compulsive gambling is a dangerous habit. A compulsive gambler may be drawn all too easily into the online gambling community and be quite unable to extricate himself once securely embroiled in the addictive activities encouraged by gambling websites.

A gambling addiction may begin with a casual glance at a colorful website that offers an entertaining visit at an online poker table. The cash outlays required at the beginning are always deceptively modest. The attitude encouraged is always one of, ‘What have you got to lose’, and ‘So much to gain, so little investment’, yet within a few short hours it is possible to have lost thousands and be eager to try to recover losses in a ludicrous attempt at more games for higher stakes.

Predictably, a victim of an online gambling addiction rarely makes a profit and is constantly playing a game of catch up. The prospect of recovering funds that have been irrevocably lost keeps the gambler feeding his (or her) new addiction. The worst possible scenario involves a compulsive gambler losing many thousands of dollars over time, usually in secret and nearly always with disastrous consequences for the rest of the family.

Once a gambling addiction has taken hold, it is very difficult to remove. A compulsive gambler has a pathological addiction to pursue his habit and will lie, cheat, steal and deceive to guarantee there is cash to feed his gambling problem. The interests and well being of his family are often relegated low on his list of proprieties and his gambling addiction will come first in all things; a heartbreaking compulsion that is hard to resist and destructive in the extreme.

Installing blocking software on your home computer can protect the entire family effectively from an online gambling addiction. Gambling problems are not selective and any age group might become affected by the seductive temptation of gambling websites. Once software is in place, access to certain websites that invite participants to gamble is blocked completely. The software is easily installed and password linked. It is safe, easy to monitor and an absolute necessity to guarantee your family is safe from unwanted influences online.

In addition to installing blocking software, consider discussing sensible use of the internet, especially with younger members of the family. This combined with the appropriate filter software will ensure your family enjoy a healthy online environment.

Learn more about how to stop online gambling addiction with a content filter.

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