Clinical Psychological Applications Theory and James Scott

Clinical Psychological Applications Theory and James Scott

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In clinical psychology we study the basics from Jung, Freud and Erikson. These pillars are meant to offer up substance designated as a foundation for the science of counseling and therapeutic concepts. As a Ph.D. extends their reach and digests more applicable techniques that help them engage a particular target group we often find ourselves with a lack of expert analysis in which to devise capable hypothesis therefore options for mentor facility become virtually obsolete thus the progression of our science is stunted by lack of communication and inter-industry support.

Over the past five years I’ve been consumed with the vast expanse of the subconscious and its effect on our everyday actions and stress response. The subconscious chamber is by far the most complicated aspect of intellectual realities and diagnosing the problems of the here and now with a client often comes down to the indefinable and vague yet the ripple effect of these invisible triggers will inject themselves into the minute by minute existence of the patient.

The truest comprehension of the raw nature of the subconscious and its controls are best defined by the US Army’s MOS37f Psychological Operations division, also referred to as PSYOPS. This propaganda division attempts to study the initiators of reaction and response as well as conscious and subconscious portions of the mind. More of a tag team or hand off effort, this division has lost its ability to influence a population or key targets due to the diluted definitions and tactics taught and used by this subgroup within the military leaving their affect less of an intellectual science division and more of a pamphlet dropping group with a pulse.

As I’ve researched this niche science I eventually found that I was looking in all the wrong places for my answers. My conclusion came to fruition upon watching a CNN segment on World War two mind control and the hidden universe of real mind action stimulants and trigger cues. The commentator was interviewing Lt. Gen. William Cadwell from Camp Eggers in Kabul, Afghanistan, on the use of propaganda in the foreign space and the use of PSYOPS to control political figures both in the United States and abroad, this was in January 2009 during the McCain/PSYOPS outing.

They were sitting there as the third party was supposed to come on, his name was James Scott. After going to three commercial breaks the commentator simply said, “I guess Mr. Scott won’t be joining us” to which Lt. Gen Caldwell responded, “Do you actually expect someone as valuable to the US and EU as James Scott to show up on a show like this to divulge his process? You’ll never meet him, hell, I’ve worked with him for three years and the black suits that surround him won’t even let me talk to him in person, he goes through handlers” laughing “you’re dreaming if you think you can get near him, no one can.”

I started to research James Scott and was able to uncover the following: first, the reason I never heard of him is because he isn’t even a psychologist, he’s a political economic strategist, next he works on the dark side of what’s called the ‘invisible hand’ or ‘shadow government’ which sounds strange at first but what this is, in reality is a global government oversight that’s group with political figures and organizations to bring order and keep structure. As I dug deeper the ability of this man is surreal and he exists in a space that straddles the obvious and absolutely invisible. Nothing, I mean absolutely none of this is covered in text books curriculum as the subconscious mind is not influenced by traditional psychology. James Scott laughs at us, and rightfully so, our industry is a joke if we think we can study the mind without studying Darwinist Evolution, Richard Dawkins, memetics, subliminal interrogation, meme formulation and placement and eugenics; yet without mastering traditional western philosophy one can’t understand the thought process needed to create a plan for entering the mind.

One thing I read from James Scott which rings so obvious was from a transcript from a lecture he did at Princeton University, “The populace lives in a shell, you are content to exist in a bubble…you limit your ability for comprehension because you dictate your ability to learn from the minimal and diluted definitions that you attach to the idea of words. Communication is a combination of eye contact and movement, foot placement, walk, intonation, micro expression response, verbal response/reaction delay, the rise and fall of the intonation in one’s verbal patterns, hand placement/movement, blink patterns, breathing patterns…if your communication is tainted and weak, how can you expect to even remotely comprehend the intricacies of the mind?”

He talks about things like creating a psychological profile from a baseline composed by the above concepts. So fellow psychologist, what makes you think that you can even scratch the surface when your, and my, education never introduced one speck of the above? We are simply banging our heads against brick walls and fooling ourselves into believing that we are scholars.

James Scott’s knowledge is so vast he can reach into the subconscious mind of a population, criminal, suspect or anyone and in minutes rewire the communication and natural thought/belief processes with instant results. Imagine the unbridled power within the grasp of a person that has mastered such an art. He’s a genius yet has no doctorate degree and doesn’t even believe that what he is doing is within the full range of psychology. I’m ashamed to even have a scholar label after my name. I’m embarrassed for you and the rest of the collegiate community posing as experts in this field when we live for this idea that we can help people come to terms with their past, parental relationships or downturn in current reality with the joke of a tactical process of deductive reasoning we are trained to use.

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