Children And Teens Are Increasingly Becoming Obese

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by lisby1

Children And Teens Are Increasingly Becoming Obese

Article by Steinharter Bierly

In the United States childhood obesity is a constant and growing problem; something that has astounded and baffled professionals from every corner of the map. It doesn’t help that almost all solid food sold in the US contains a bunch of high fructose corn syrup. That, though, is an issue best left for another day. Obese children almost seem like they never had a chance at life, and we feel that is a sad testimony. These kids already suffer from a bunch of problems ranging from back pain to arthritis to Type II diabetes and, of course, bullying. There is a lot more to this and we are going to explore some of it in this article.

The obese child is on a devastating path toward serious health issues. One problem, for example, is fatty liver disease (which is just about the most common liver disease). A while ago most people figured that alcoholism and sclerosis were the primary causes of liver problems. Now, though, we understand that chronic obesity is a major factor in fatty liver disease. Usually the thing that really makes the issue worse is that people who are obese have severely dysfunctional metabolisms. Your liver helps things more by acting as the detoxifying agent to rid your body of anything that is not good for it. This, then, puts more pressure on the bodily systems of children and teens who are obese.

“Children are cruel” is perhaps the oldest and most commonly spread expressions out there. It’s probable that most of us have had to deal with this particular truism at some point in our youths. Kids who suffer from obesity are a lot more likely to have to deal with lots of teasing and, often, being humiliated verbally. It is any wonder how these children can get through all those years of school with their sanity intact. We all know the possible consequences of such chronic abuse. The list of psychological issues these kids suffer from is quite long.

Researchers are still not sure about a direct relationship between obesity and the early onset of puberty, and more so in girls than boys. However, there is a certain amount of common sense looking at what is known. For example, we know that kids who are obese and overweight grow faster and enter puberty earlier. This still, though, requires a clearer determination of causality than currently exists. Obviously this is not a serious threat to a child’s health or super impacting of other obesity related problems but there are definitely some implications that will go along with the abnormally early onset of puberty.

Obviously, by the time they have reached this condition, these kids are at a tremendous social and physical disadvantage. We all know that it is difficult to lose weight and that the only way to truly make it happen is when you have a high level of determination and support to make it happen. Parents and friends need to offer as much support as they can. Young adults and kids alike are resilient people and have an easier time bouncing back once healthy directions have been taken. Of course, it depends on whether or not any medical conditions are present.

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