Childhood Abuse and Chronic Pain: A Curious Relationship?

Childhood Abuse and Chronic Pain: A Curious Relationship?

Empirical evidence is mounting to support the theory that certain individuals are prone to suffering from chronic pain as a result of childhood abuse. This is the first book devoted to a comprehensive exploration of abuse and its role in the genesis of pain.

In a review of different types of abuse – childhood, spousal, sexual, physical, and emotional – Ranjan Roy probes the psychological and social consequences of abuse over time. He discusses variety in clinical presentation, course of treatment, and the failure or adverse effects of treatment. An experienced and highly recognized psychotherapist, Roy also presents case studies from his own clinical experience to illustrate his therapeutic approach.

Written by a practitioner for practitioners, this book will enable clinicians to identify pain-prone behaviour and to deal with the complex issues and challenges that patients with this condition present.

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