Cellular Pathology: An Introduction to Techniques and Applications Reviews

Cellular Pathology: An Introduction to Techniques and Applications

Cellular Pathology: An Introduction to Techniques and Applications

This is the new edition of a highly successful textbook for students studying courses in biomedical science or other subjects allied to medicine. It describes the complete range of histological techniques utilised in the diagnosis of disease and in medical research. The author introduces and explains the techniques available, the advantages of each one compared to others, and their application in cellular pathology. The contents have been fully updated and extended by increasing the coverage of immunological methods, cytology, cytogenetics, light microscopy and histometry, as well as quality control and safety aspects, to reflect the changing needs of cellular pathology teaching and practice. The book also benefits from an improved design and the inclusion of many full colour photographs to demonstrate the results that can be achieved using the methods described. Contents 1. The study of tissues and their diseases 2. Fixation and fixatives 3. Processing and microtomy 4. Other embedding techniques 5. Cryotechniques 6. Staining theory 7. Histochemistry: general considerations and the histochemistry of carbohydrates and lipids 8. Histochemistry of nucleic acids, proteins and enzymes 9. Histochemistry of pigments, neuroendocrine amines and minerals 10. Immunological techniques 11. Autoradiography 12. Exfoliative cytology and related techniques 13. Cytogenetics and molecular genetics 14. Infective agents and amyloid 15. Light microscopy 16. Electron microscopy 17. Some aspects of the organisation of a histology laboratory d Answers to self-assessment questions

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