Carrer options dealing with drugs that pay a lot?

Question by : Carrer options dealing with drugs that pay a lot?
Hi, I am going into college and I always have been one to think waaaayyyy ahead and I am trying to decide what carrer I want to pursue.

I am thinking of majoring in psychology and minoring in buisness/marketing or vice versa.(should it be vice versa for my interests?)

What I do know for certain is that I want to do something related the field of psychopharmacology. Psychopharmacology or pharmacology in general has always been a passion of mine -ever since I was young I have been fascinated in how psychotropic drugs affect peoples behavior and the plethora of different medications for different things (and counting) that are out there.

Although not 100% certain at this time, I don’t really think I want to become a psychiatrist or medical doctor to prescribe the drugs, I really just want to be involved with the drugs from more of the business/marketing perspective (again I really do want to make money xD ,but of course I still have a great interest in the science aspect of it)

Given these interests of mine, I lead me to do some research on the carrer of a pharmaceutical rep but they really don’t make a lot of money, and again I am going to be candid: I want to make bucks.

Any carrer suggestions?

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Answer by Spock (rhp)
the drug companies have people who detail physicians in an attempt to get them to Rx their products. For all practical purposes, they’re salespeople.

good ones make very good money … 100k is easily possible.

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