Care for rural migrant children left behind series of family education activities.

Care for rural migrant children left behind series of family education activities.

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First, set up care for migrant children left behind in rural areas work of the Steering Group

heart Organizing Committee leadership and children’s laws and regulations, education, psychology, health, and the authority of experts and research institutions, education for rural children formed a working steering group, the theme for the materials and the implementation of activities, for editorial and guidance. Flow for the left-behind children in rural areas and status of family education, family education to enhance the lessons learned and applied research, provide a scientific basis for the care and guidance of action checks.

Second, the preparation of family care for migrant children left behind in rural education and promotion materials

Pipeline fitting the status of rural families of children left behind a series of mobile publicity materials, illustrated, easy to understand, to promote children and parents learning together. Materials including: brochures, promotional cards, knowledge of comic books, CD-ROM. Series of promotional materials through women’s federations at all levels of the system, the education system distributed to families of children left behind in rural areas. And through the city’s community, migrant children schools, labor concentration, etc., for the flow of migrant workers left behind parents of children to carry out a series of publicity and education activities.

Third, the “Rainbow Home” education bases for practice

“Rainbow” which contains three meanings. First level: like a rainbow across thousands of miles, for migrant parents and children stay at home, parent-child family set up a bridge. Second layer: set the whole society of love, such as staying warm and beautiful rainbow-like flow of the hearts of children and parents, to sow the seeds of hope. Third layer: I wish the country’s children have rainbow-like colorful childhood, sharing the blue sky, healthy growth!

“Rainbow home” through women’s federations at all levels of the education system in the village, schools, the establishment of a unified design, unified listing, unified construction, supervision and guidance according to plan and manage maintenance.

“Rainbow home” primarily through the following form to deepen and enrich the content of education the theme of education and better services to migrant children in the families left behind in rural areas:

1, Rainbow Library (shelf). ‘Rainbow Home’ in the main form of education. To meet these migrant children in rural families left behind a series of publicity materials status. Carry out the “heart heart hand in hand” Book love donations, raised for the Rainbow Bookstore various children’s books and children’s educational books.

2, Rainbow video. “Rainbow Home” feature in the form. Contributions, including computers, cameras, cable, etc., network video equipment. Achieve left-behind parents, children and migrant workers through the online video “face to face” communication, improve family communication.

3, Rainbow Corner. “Rainbow Home” will be unified arrangement of a warm, entertaining billboards, comic posted and family education, and provide a platform for progress, show the child, expression, and express the sense of family interaction platform.

4, Rainbow classroom. CD-ROM mobile classroom, expert on-site seminars, expert consultation and other forms of psychological counseling, organized flow of rural families of children staying in education and training classes.

5, Rainbow Hotline. Left-behind parents of migrant children in rural areas to provide family education expert advice hotline, the telephone communication between parents and the parents education and training to help them improve their awareness and ability.

6, rainbow-mail. By mail in a manner that Children’s Day, Mother’s Day, birthdays, end of period to carry out letters, gifts, greeting each delivery and other family activities to promote flow of children in rural families left behind family linkage.

7, “Rainbow Mama” volunteer action. Community volunteers to organize the “Rainbow Home”, through to the children learn to answer questions, tell stories, video equipment and other training, social care for migrant children on the rear to bring the kids.

Fourth, the tree in recognition of the typical summary assessment of advanced

“Caring for migrant children left behind in rural areas of family education series,” will recognize the advanced base, advanced family of children, establishing models. A typical demonstration of the use of force to guide further development of family education as an effective way to impact.

“Build shared rainbow sky – love of family education of migrant children left behind in rural areas a series of activities” will be the community’s concern and support, conscientiously sum up, continue to stay close to creating a more diverse educational needs of migrant children in family activities in the form and content, will social care for their wider dissemination to the deeper flow of rural families of children left behind to go! Let children share the blue sky country, healthy growth!

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