Can someone help me with this psychology questions?

Question by : Can someone help me with this psychology questions?
The thoughts, feelings, and actions of one person in the relationship affect the
other person equals __________________.

A competition

B interdependence

C normalcy

D disorder

___________ is the process where a person uses information, evaluates arguments, and then reaches a conclusion.

A Thinking

B Reasoning

C Memory

D Conditioning

Bandura’s experiment with aggression and the inflatable doll tested this type of learning:

A operant

B classical

C observational

D motivational

Current movement to advocate change in society which would minimize or eliminate psychological disorders is called ______________ psychology.

A community

B anxiety

C moods

D mental

____________ is the mental interpretation of feelings.

A Sensation

B Perception


D Hypnosis

________are states of feeling which include biological factors such as increased heart rate, mental factors such as thinking about love, and behaviors such as smiling or frowning.

A Intrinsics

B Emotions

C Instincts

D Motivations

In a[n] _____________, one person or small group studied in depth.

A experiment

B survey

C case study

D sampling

___________ is the chemical messenger of the endocrine system.

A Neuron

B Drug

C Joint

D Hormone

When individuals within a group change their beliefs and behavior to make them consistent with others in the group it is known as ____________.

A persuasion

B competition

C cooperation

D conformity

Rewards and punishments are _____________ motivations.

A Extrinsic

B Energetic

C Instincts

D Negative

Best answer:

Answer by eVolution
I would guess as:
1: interdependence
2: reasoning
3: not sure dont know that experiment
4: probly A
5: perception
6: emotions
7: case study i think
8: hormone
9: definitely conformity
10: extrinsic
Is this ur homework or something. If it is i would check the answers before on google.

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