Can I get Accepted at Miami of Ohio?

Question by Ryan: Can I get Accepted at Miami of Ohio?
I’m from ohio and I want to be an accountant and i saw that they are one of the top 25 schools to go to for that.
-my freshman year i didn’t try hard in school and got a 2.5 gpa average and took all college prep classes and played football and ran track, no Fs and i got a B average in Algebra CP(college prep)
-sophomore year i took 7 classes(all CP besides english) and passed all with a 2.8 gpa average while lettering in track and going to regionals, no Fs and i got a very high B average in geometry CP and i got top in my Class for english. I got above average on my Ohio Graduation Test and very high in mathematics, top 8 in my school
-my junior year(next year) i am taking 7 classes all cp(besides english) and playing golf and track and taking my classes very serious next year and my senior year

My Class avg.:

English 9 CP(B) Physical science CP(A) Spanish 1 cp(B)
English 10(A) Biology CP(B) Spanish 2 cp(C)

World Studies CP(C) Algebra CP(A)
American Studies(A) Geometry CP(B)

next year i am taking Spanish 3 cp, English 11, political and economicc decisions cp, sociology, psychology, algebra 2 cp, and physics cp

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Answer by •HereComesTheSun•™
I’m a junior and my school assigns a college counselor to every student and she said Miami of Ohio would be a school that is “within my reach”. I hav a 3.2 GPA…i think. Precalc: B+ English: A Latin:C+ Biology: A- History:B I’m also in competitive choir and i have a varsity letter in rowing and i run cross country. i’m in 3 school clubs and i volunteer at a hospital once a week also.

OK so i went college visiting and they said they really dont look at sophmore or freshmen yr the MOST IMPORTANT ARE JUNIOR YR and THE FIRST TERM OF SENIOR YEAR bc thats what they look at when you apply. (Dont slack off the rest of junior yr because they supposedly check up on you)

i think your sports achievements are great! but you really really need to get some volunteer work in colleges LOVE that. also, you need to eliminate the C’s from your grades. other than that, i would say you hav a good chance of getting in.

good luckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

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