Can hypnosis be conducted in a foreign language?

Question by : Can hypnosis be conducted in a foreign language?
English is my second language, but I have a firm grasp of it, both in terms of writing and speaking. If I were to listen to hypnosis sound recordings, would that be efficient? I guess this question applies to psycholinguistics and psychology.

P.S. Let’s assume hypnosis in general is efficient.
Yeah, aside from being able to speak and write in English, I occasionally think in English. It probably sounds weird, but it’s true. Sometimes I find myself not being able to find an equivalent in my own language (Croatian) so I resort to English. I have had dreams in English, too. What strikes me most is the fact that I’m more fluent in my dreams than in real life. I guess this obstacle has something to do with not wanting to make mistakes. That’s one of the reasons I’m interested in hypnosis – it could help me overcome my insecurities.

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Answer by Master Your Destiny
Yes: as long as you understand the language hypnosis will work.

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  1. TobyF said,

    Wrote on July 25, 2012 @ 4:35 am

    Yes it would work. If the recording uses a word you aren’t familiar with then look it up afterwards so you will know it for next time.

    Do you dream in English at all? If so your unconscious is definitely OK with it.

    As a side note I have been told that some of the language manipulations popular with NLP practitioners are impossible to translate from English into some other languages because they aren’t ambiguous in the same way that English can be.

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