Birmingham Maple Clinic Reports Realistic Goals Key to New Years Resolution Success

Birmingham, MI (PRWEB) January 04, 2012

Birmingham Maple Clinic, providers of professional mental health services in Michigan for over 30 years, recently reported that setting realistic New Years resolutions is the key to making positive changes in your life that will last long into the New Year. As reported by the clinics staff, So often we make the same resolutions year after year: Ill lose 25 pounds! or Ill quit smoking for good!, only to find ourselves frustrated when we lose track too quickly and stop trying to meet our goals. The clinic recommends that people try a new approach this year that involves positive self-esteem. As reported by the mental health professionals at the Birmingham Maple Clinic, What about feeling better about yourself this year? Try resolutions that aim at increasing your overall health and happiness, as opposed to making huge goals that may not be feasible, and youll see noticeable improvements in your body and mind throughout the year.

The clinic, citing an article in the Washington Post, recommends that individuals be realistic about goals and consider working on small changes that can add up over time and turn into healthy habits, instead of focusing on major life changes that can be overwhelming to tackle all at once, If you find yourself already becoming overwhelmed with your resolutions, try taking another look at your list. Are your resolutions truly for your benefit? How will changing your behavior improve your overall well-being and general health? When you look at the big picture and handpick smaller goals for yourself, youll be on the right path for improved mental and physical health in 2012, added the staff at the Michigan mental health treatment center.

Birmingham Maple Clinic has been specializing in mental health services in Michigan for over 30 years, providing services for individuals, couples, families, groups and the community. The clinic provides treatment for a variety of psychological conditions, including child and adult ADHD, anxiety and panic disorders, chronic illness, depression, grief and loss, eating disorders, substance abuse, sexual addiction, post traumatic stress disorder and marriage, family and relationship counseling. For more information, please visit


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