Benefits of Playing in Lacrosse Indoor Leagues

Benefits of Playing in Lacrosse Indoor Leagues

Article by Kevin Foley

Just as indoor lacrosse is gaining popularity, so are the lacrosse indoor leagues. The nature of the game makes it an ideal competitive sport. It was inevitable that the two-team contest would lead to league matches with more than a few teams. League matches have many advantages. Some benefits are due to the indoor arena and other advantages are due to the competition involved.

Test of skill: Lacrosse indoor leagues provide a way of testing the skill level of the players. A contest is an arena where players must play in a team and to the best of their ability. While teams may play and practice in its home ground, it is only at the league matches where they get to show their true metal. Hence, this is an arena where they can truly show their skill.

Motivation: Winning as a motivating factor for better performance has been proven by many psychological experiments. It remains true in the sporting arena as well. Teams work hard throughout the year. All the sweat and toil is aimed at winning the league matches and earning the trophy. Winning at the league matches is a powerful motivating factor in itself. Often it is seen teams that win consistently achieve a momentum of their own.

Character development: Many sport psychologists argue that league matches are good for character development as well. Playing as part of a cohesive unit brings a team closer. One of the player will be selected the leader with many more showing leading qualities, while some others will be better followers. It also teaches them to play together and support each other.Fitness: Playing in lacrosse indoor leagues also forces the players to maintain optimum physical fitness. There is strict fitness regime, which includes daily workouts and games apart from regular lacrosse practice. There is insistence on regular medical checks as well. For this reason, many top teams will have professionals dedicated in maintaining the fitness levels of the players. Many teams will carry medical professionals as well.

Action: Indoor matches are full of action, making for fast competitive sport. The smaller playing field means that the players have to move fast and constantly. There is less scope for maneuvering and wasting of any time.

Lacrosse indoor leagues have over the years, gathered popularity, and its own fan base. For the spectator it is a gripping sport and for the players – it is the arena, where they get to prove themselves.

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