Becoming Psychic – 3 Extraordinary Experiences PROVEN To Develop Paranormal Abilities

Becoming Psychic – 3 Extraordinary Experiences PROVEN To Develop Paranormal Abilities

Who else would love to become more psychic? Does the idea of exploring the wild, wacky and wonderful world of psychic or paranormal powers appeal to you in ways that more “ordinary” pursuits do not? If you are anything like I once was when I started to research the “weird” and unexplained things that seem to happen to normal people… I knew I had found a hobby that I would really love!

To me?

There is nothing more exhilarating to me than studying psychic powers… and the amazing experiences that seem to bring them on. People who have unexplainable brushes to the unexplainable are changed in profound and powerful ways, and one of the HALLMARKS of having a wild experience is often developing incredible psychic abilities to go with it.

With that in mind, here are 3 experiences that are PROVEN to help cultivate psychic abilities soon thereafter:

1 – Deep Meditation

The truth is, meditation has LONG been thought of as a gateway to elevated states of consciousness, and to the bevy of benefits that those states allow. Traditional Buddhist meditators are “warned” about obsessing over Sidhii’s, or psychic powers and celestial beings that a regular meditation practice is thought to cultivate. (and most long term meditators have had at least ONE experience with precognition, OBE’s, lucid dreams, feelings of incredible psychic connection to others, or simply incredible states of bliss that are beyond words to describe)

2 – Near Death Experiences

People who are brought to the brink of death, and then are brought back (or come back on their own) have a little known “side effect” that’s very common: They come “back” psychic! Not only is this a pretty well known fact in parapsychology circles, it’s actually one of the TEXTBOOK side consequences of surviving an NDE. Not only do NDE survivors report the feeling that they actually live in “2 worlds” after their experience, they often report being able to see and see spirits, and even have difficulty wearing certain kinds of electronic equipment, like watches or using something simple like a camera or phone. (no one REALLY knows why – but this is so commonplace that it’s pretty prominently mentioned in most studies of folks who have a near death experience)

3 – Binaural Beats (Hemi-Sync Sound Technology)

Using brain entrainment sound technology, often used for deepening meditation, is another well known facilitator of psychic experiences. People often report out of body experiences, astral travel, seeing and speaking to deceased relatives, visiting other planes of existence and all kinds of kooky stuff that you’d have to read to believe. (I’ve used them myself off and on for a few years, and I’ve had a few strange experiences, but never anything quite as dramatic as others report, although I’ll continue to try!)

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