B-School Research Plumbs the Mysteries of Markets

Educational Uses of SL Mosaic
Organizational Psychology
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1. ‘The Infinite Mind’ in Second Life – Through the Looking Glass, 2. New Media Consortium, 3. Crisis in Darfur with Mia Farrow and Guests, 4. InfoIsland: Second Life Library Project, 5. Berkman Island, 6. Middletown, 7. Learning to Sail in Second Life, 8. Ohio University Second Life Campus Learning Kiosks, 9. International Spaceflight Museum at Spaceport Alpha, 10. Second Life Tutorials, 11. Thomson Netg Training, 12. Learning to Sail in Second Life, 13. ENG104 at Middletown, 14. Ohio University Second Life Campus Learning Kiosks, 15. Exploratorium’s Sploland and Splo Museum, 16. The Heart Murmur Sim, 17. Remember Me – Alzheimer’s Exhibit on InfoIsland, 18. GippsTAFE’s Paluma Resort Project, 19. UC Davis’ Virtual Hallucinations, 20. The International Spaceflight Museum, 21. National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration, 22. S&P 500 Visualized in Second Life, 23. Photo Scenario: Jack’s Hair Creations in Second LIfe, 24. Virtual Morocco, 25. Tringo, 26. Second Life Library 2.0, 27. Ars Virtua’s New Media Centre, 28. aesthetic, 29. The Island of Svarga, 30. Roma – Ancient Rome in Second Life, 31. Gold Rush – Simulation in Second Life, 32. EdBoost Second Life Experiment, 33. Hydro Hijinks Diplomacy Game, 34. Play2Train – Idaho Bioterrorism Awareness and Preparedness Program, 35. UC Davis Medical Center’s Emergency Workers Simulation-based Training, 36. Managing Virtual Teams – Industrial and Organizational Psychology in Second Life

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B-School Research Plumbs the Mysteries of Markets
Research that will be published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology suggests that nice people are often seen as weak. When faced with fierce competition from another group, people want their leaders to be dominant, but when confronted …
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Crunch Time: Hornets in tourney, Skip Low, YukanRun.com
… degree in clinical psychology (driving down to the North Shore of Massachusetts twice a week to play nearly every position in the North Shore Summer League); and later to Carnegie Institute of Technology for a master's in organizational psychology …
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First Person: A conversation with Kelly McGonigal
McGonigal shares her knowledge, spreads joy and builds community wherever she goes, demonstrating the applications of psychological science to personal health and happiness, as well as organizational success and social change. …
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Making organizations change-ready
The authors are faculty members of the Ateneo de Manila University Department of Psychology. This article is condensed from “Predicting Commitment toward Organizational Change” in the Journal of Social Transformation. For feedback or inquiries, …
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