Article 1: Why Why is it of Paramount Importance to Self-employment?

Article 1 of section 1 The Psychology of comprehension of a sample chapter of the book entitled

”The Psychology of Rapid Self-Employment Achievement Plan, Personal Development, Diet & Fitness Achievement Guide Under One Roof”

The Steps You Must Take to Escape the Rat Race Before You Get Fired or Pension Scammed

WHY is it of paramount importance to business and personal development success?

“Could you repeat that again please?” As mature learners, we know that comprehension is not a one way ticket to ultimate success. Often, we need to return to what we are learning to make sure we “grasp” meaning.

Therefore we return to the information presented to us by the teacher or business coach as often as you must, in order to wipe off any obscurity , clear off uncertainties of the way the information is represented to us, further more, we must mentally reconstruct the information so that it personally makes sense to us.

Reflecting, clarifying, and paraphrasing should be our primary tools during our learning experience. sadly, readers and listeners cling to the habit of taking only one way ticket though their learning session, whether they truly understand it or not.

They may be seduced by story telling of the success or business guru, by elaborate language of a millionaire mindset, or become infatuated with unrealistic glossy video clips of flash cars, private jets, and money falling down from thin air, or by poetic esoteric quotes, and or by deficient language explanation, rather than pondering the meaning of a passage.

As a result, their “voyage” through the textbook, or seminar session becomes an entertaining journey of the dream world. Homework may be accounted for, but these audiences throw the book in the air, and prepare for celebration, without having a clue about how A gets to B, and how B gets results in neuropsychology of achievement.


1. The method must be based on real-life scientific facts and results.

Scientific research has proven that any inspirational or motivational materials that are not based on how your brain functions and retains information will have no lasting impact.

Why despite tons of books and seminars on the subject “success” and still people are not achieving rich results? Why despite all the techniques used, the effort and money invested in those success program did nothing but failed people.

We can say that some success coaches/gurus are giving bad name to science. They are not qualified teachers, and not scientifically literate. It is this kind of gurus who put much emphasis on the important use of layman language. Then, layman has a predisposition for intellect. Laymen must bear in mind that in order to reach any level of success, you must select someone who adheres to the discipline of professional teaching.

You too, must ensure to apply yourself whole-heartedly to your chosen subject, in the same way you adhere to your work, professional and personal life. This approach will help you be selective of who you should read, and will unable you to comprehend, then succeed.

When one is teaching the art of thinking, belief systems and consequence, surely one is not attending the esoteric or religious sermon whereby you are not required to think of the validity of concepts, define and justify its consequence.

Indeed, you are expected to listen and apply with the heart,and it is noble to forgive others without the need for intellectual or scientific comprehension.

However, when it comes to learning the art of thinking, belief systems, and behaviour, you will need a structured lesson plan, with aims and objectives, because this subject require you to ‘comprehend’ correctly the psychological tools that controls your life, such as, thinking, imagination, beliefs, desires, pain, pleasure, action and consequence etc.

How is it possible to implement neuropsychology achievement principles, if your business coach, or success guru, is unable to explain, the interconnectedness of neuro associative principles, that govern our behaviour?

comprehending the neuropsychology is of paramount importance to success. Of course, the teacher must allow you to ask questions.

However, today’s success seminar are like sermons.You are bombarded with must do, can do, act now, today’s success guru shout at you like a sergeant does to his soldiers.

Some seminars, audios, and cds on success lack quality, methodology, and structure of professional teaching, and thus fail to meet the need of students, learners, and success enthusiasts.

in fact clinical neuropsychologists are outraged at the way, psychology is handled and abused. let me give you some evidence of what is actually lacking in the teaching of success.

There are two negative causal effects that hinder success. However, forgive me for not displaying them right now.

Look out for Article 2 soon

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Andre Zizi

Author – The Spiritual Psychology of the Science of Money-Phology

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