Are You Your Childs Hero? Queendom.coms New Study Reveals the Importance of a Supportive Home Environment on Childrens Ambition and Success

Montreal, Canada (PRWEB) March 08, 2013

Reality TV shows involving officious parents living vicariously through their children may seem entertaining, but this type of parenting approach is likely to have a seriously negative impact on a childs success., a pioneer in online personality tests, has released its latest research on ambition. Focusing on the impact of childhood role models and parental support on success in adulthood, their study reveals that having pushy parents and lacking healthy role models can be just as detrimental for a childs future as having no support at all.

What breeds greatness? Some of the historys most successful and prominent people had a supportive family environment, while others still managed to make a name for themselves despite a difficult upbringing. Research on 1,027 people by reveals, however, that having a role model growing up as well as supportive parents is the optimal environment for future success.

Those who have had the benefit of both of these factors are more likely to:

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