Anxiety Cure For Children – Looking for a Solution

Anxiety Cure For Children – Looking for a Solution

Article by Jason Polish

We are so used to mental and physical problems that involve adults that we often ignore the fact that children are equally prone to physical and more importantly mental disorders or disturbances. One common problem often overlooked in children despite anxiety treatments for children being available is “Anxiety” or ‘Anxiety Disorders.” Medical studies reveal an alarming fact that says- adult psychiatric disorders generally manifest in childhood, thus it is always better to treat these problems in children so that they don’t end up in painful adult versions.


As parents, you have an important role to play as part of anxiety treatments for children. Recognize that there is a problem, which has to be treated. Be patient and understanding as they need your love and support. Don’t get angry or ridicule an anxious child as that will only worsen the situation. Remember that they are too young and immature to realize or cope with the condition.The parents played an important role in the treatment for the children, care and encouragement is very critical. Some impatient parents will get angry very fast, and this would worsen the anxious child condition. Parent must realize that the children are too young to overcome the problems by themselves, it is vital to have support from the parent, family and even friends.


In recent years medication has become an essential element of anxiety treatments for children. However, many of these medications are not medically approved for use in children and there is no ample prove that they will not cause any underlying damage to the developing mind and body of the child. Nevertheless children have to be subjected to medication during severe episodes of anxiety. Do this only under strict advice and supervision of a competent physician.

Prescription medications for children are used with extremely careful and closely monitor to avoid any damage to the child’s body during growth. Medication with long term side effect should be avoided at all cost, unless there is no other choice… Natural herbal with fewer side effects is recommended, but should be used only under supervision of trained professionals. The anxiety treatment for children should include the encouragement from the parents, and the mind treatment from the professionals is very critical as well.

Psychopharmacological Medication in Common Use:

Benzodiazepines: Best for long-acting treatment to reduce the symptoms. However, long term use may result in increased tolerance.Serotonergic Agents: New brand of antidepressants, highly effective and takes 4 to 6 weeks to work.Tricyclic: Antidepressants (TCAs): Older antidepressants with side effectsCombination Serotonin/Norepinephrine Agents: New medications with excellent tolerability and effectiveness..Antihistamines: Act fast and are meant for mild to moderate anxiety. Can be used for longer durations.Major Tranquilizers: These affect the neurotransmitter systems. They are sedative in nature and used mostly for severe anxiety disorder cases.


A better route to anxiety treatments for children would be to find a competent therapist, or a cognitive behavioral child psychologist. These doctors are specially trained in counseling disturbed children and teaching them coping techniques. Thus the child feels free to confide in the doctor and discuss his anxieties and tensions. Play-based therapies are commonly used by doctors now as they have been found to be extremely useful in getting anxious children to open up. As a result the child can effectively overcome his/her anxieties and move on.

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy: treats anxious thoughts and feelings that result from distressing thoughts. It also teaches techniques to reduce or overcome maladaptive behavior. Psychotherapy: Tries to resolve conflicts and stresses, formed during anxiety disorders with the help of talk therapy. Behavioral Therapies: involve techniques like relaxation training, imagery, progressive desensitization, and other methods to reduce anxiety troubles.


Healthy life habit such as early sleep and eat more vegetables and fruits proves to help a child during the process of anxiety treatment. In the children diet, dietary sugars and food with higher chemical, such as can food should be avoided. Fresh food is always the best medicines for any kind of diseases and disorders, eat fresh, sleep early and do regular exercise, keeping a healthy life and habit is the most important step of the treatment.

You need to minimize or avoid stimulants like caffeine, diet pills, nasal decongestants, bronchodilators, theophylline and cough syrups, for the child. The child should get adequate and restful sleep to improve anxiety disorders. Identify, remove or reduce stressful tasks or situations at home, and school.


A successful anxiety treatment for the child lies on the hand of the parents, they are still immature to overcome the problems by themselves, care and love from the parent will help the children build their confidence and stand up again. Patient, care and love is the best cure, and the parents should be able to provide such, lack of these elements will destine the child fail to recover from anxiety…

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