A Look at the Aftermath of Your Liver on Anabolic Steroids

A Look at the Aftermath of Your Liver on Anabolic Steroids

Article by Winterholler Lymaster

It should be obvious to many that there are very serious side effects to taking anabolic steroids. In spite of the fact that it’s no secret steroids are harmful, people continue to use them. For some, the allure of getting bigger and faster as soon as they possibly can is hard to overlook. At the professional performance levels, there can be the effect of taking enhancing hormones to be able to compete with others who are taking them. In the sections that follow we’ll explore in greater detail how your body is affected by recreational steroid use.

There are a specific set of conditions that will ultimately determine to what extent these substances damage your body. However, there is overwhelming evidence that liver damage is highly likely. You may suffer only mild damage to your liver, but cancer and complete liver failure are also possible. In addition to liver damage, the kidneys can also sustain considerable damage. When you take steroids orally, you increase these risk factors. By contrast, administering the drug intravenously does not seem to carry the same level of risk.

Ill effects on the liver are most notable with anabolic steroid use. Liver damage is significant when taking steroids orally as above mentioned. On top of this concern, is the quest for amazing performances which necessitates athletes to take scary amounts of the drug. Injection of the steroid nortestosterone has been proven to incite liver wounds. Other types of testosterone like those that are chemical esters can also create the same type of contusions.

The ill effects when abusing steroids has a far greater range than those typically known. For example, psychological addiction can come into play with those who are prone to it. Moods and reactions will vary with people due to the many reasons for physical and psychological dependency. There will be evidence of withdrawal when stopping the usage of steroids.

Due to the aspects connected to addictive behavior, you might figure this would occur. The real physical test begins when you are not using the steroids anymore. The great diversity of side effects of anabolic steroids range from offbeat quirks to illicit and destructive activities. Death is also a result to those who push the envelope with these chemicals. Anabolic steroids can only be legally obtained by prescription from a doctor. While their uses are well understood to modern medicine, these medications are cautiously administered. They can help a patient without causing the side effects we have learned to associate with their abuse.

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