A Good Foundation For Your College Journey Is An Intro To Psychology Course

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by mjmyap

A Good Foundation For Your College Journey Is An Intro To Psychology Course

Article by Natasha Bright

Most incoming college students should be prepared to take general education courses that don’t necessary apply to their majors. Intro to Psychology is one such course that undergraduate students often take in order to gain a basic understanding of the human mind and behavior. During this introductory class, students learn to interact with scientific and medical texts, conduct research, and internalize various psychological principles and concepts. Intro to Psychology builds skills that can transfer to other classes and areas of study.

Psychology originated from the overlapping areas of biology and philosophy. Early Greek thinkers such as Aristotle and Socrates were among the first to see the connection between the study of thoughts and the study of the physical body. In Intro to Psychology, students not only learn the history of psychology and its areas of application, but they explore the relationships among thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.

Psychology consists of two distinct areas, academic psychology and applied psychology. Academic psychology consists of researching various psychological topics and disorders. Psychologists study areas of personality, social, and developmental psychology. In applied psychology, the emphasis is on seeking real-life solutions by applied psychological principles to the world’s problems. Some examples of applied psychology are forensic science, ergonomics, and even industrial performance enhancement.

In an introductory course, students cannot expect to delve too deeply into areas of applied psychology. Rather, students will explore topics that are often familiar and relatable to them, such as human development, nature vs. nurture, states of consciousness, and memory. Students will typically learn basic concepts of neuroscience, or how the brain works.

An important aspect of Intro to Psychology is the relation between mental health and overall physical wellbeing. Students will learn the effects of stress and anxiety on the mind and body. Abnormal psychology and disorders of the mind will also be explored. Since many people experience a mental health problem in their lifetime or witness a mental health problem in a loved one, most psychology classes focus on eliminating misconceptions and educating students about common disorders.

Psychology has many applications, even in fields not directly pertaining to Psychology. Social workers, childcare workers, medical workers, educators, and scientists can all benefit from some basic knowledge of Psychology and its relationships with other areas of health and science. Students will also acquire skills in areas of critical thinking, research, interpretation, analysis, and basic scientific principles.

Some students may desire to further their knowledge of psychology through additional courses, or even by majoring in psychology. A background in psychology can to lead to a career as a clinical psychologist, a therapist, or a researcher. Psychology is beneficial to any medical field, and is crucial for individuals in leadership positions or HR careers.

Psychology is an area of increased interest and importance, especially considering all the myths existing in pop culture and the media today. Learning about psychology in a college course online or on campus setting is an excellent way to learn the truth behind various misconceptions. Most importantly, an Intro to Psychology course online provides an opportunity for students to explore the connection between their minds and bodies. Checking out Test Drive College Online is a good way to get more information about psychology courses.

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