A Day Spa Can Provide Psychological Benefits In A Relaxing Sanctuary

A Day Spa Can Provide Psychological Benefits In A Relaxing Sanctuary

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Meneghetti Award 2013

The Meneghetti Awards 2013 is presented in some of the most reputable international universities and it is promoted by over 50 International Universities. In this video there are presentations and information events in 3 of the best universities and schools of the world: University of Edinburgh, University of Bristol, Copenhagen Business School, in cohoperation with CBS students association, EUSA association and néo enews, media partner of the award. Meneghetti Award 2013 is an award made by Antonio Meneghetti Scientific and Humanistic Research Foundation, headquartered in Switzerland. The award is of EUR 15000.00 (fifteen thousand) for papers in each of the following areas: Economics, Medicine, Physics and Philosophy. The research papers should be sent by 1 January 2013. Participation in the award is open to the public and free. The aim is to support researches which can add value to human knowledge. It is possible to take part to the award also for people who did not study Psychology and/or Ontopsychology. Ontopsychology is a new branch of the modern Psychology and it is learnt in State University of St. Petersburg (Russia), in the Faculdade Antonio Meneghetti (Brazil) and in other institutions all over the world. For more info: info@fondazionemeneghetti.ch www.fondazionemeneghetti.ch

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