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The Power of Mental Illness and the Power of Love

Mental Illness

by Darron Birgenheier The Power of Mental Illness and the Power of Love Am I a mindless fool? My life is a fragment, a disconnected dream that has no continuity. ~Ross David Burke~Recently I read Sam Harris’s Book, The Moral Landscape. I especially remember his writing about moral dilemmas and how we approach them. While I continued to digest his words, I attended a talk by David Kaczynski about his struggle to deal with the implications of his brother Ted being identified as the Unabomber.David’s brother had been an exceptionally kind and thoughtful big brother despite his tendency since childhood to withdraw himself from most other people. In graduate school Ted began to have…. Click Here to Read More

Awakening Consciousness: A Boy’s Guide!

Awakening Consciousness: A Boy’s Guide! "Awakening Consciousness: A Boy’s Guide " is a workbook designed to encourage inner-strength and growth that will encourage self-security. This action-packed guide is chock full of fun hands-on activities for all ages that will motivate and enhance a path of self-awareness, including: Making your own drum ChakraCizing your body and spirit Finding your totem Practicing the pendulum Discovering your spirit guide Learning how to keep a strong aura Native-American legends and lore Parents and Educators Rave About "Awakening Consciousness" "Robin Marvel has done it again This time she has created a book specifically for…. Click Here to Read More

The Psychology of Selling

Sex is Good For Your Health

sex psychology

by Internet Archive Book Images Sex is Good For Your Health I believe that regularly occurring and frequent sex will produce certain emotional and physical health benefits. It’s long been established that there are myriad of health benefits related to sexual activity. This awareness has been recorded in our culture for centuries in the form of old wives tales such as “Use it, or lose it.” Just as if you don’t use your common household appliances regularly, they’ll also become rusty and break down.A consistently active sex life can be directly beneficial for the cardiovascular system, particularly for men. The increase in heart rate is directly beneficial to the circulation, and can…. Click Here to Read More

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How to Get a Child Psychology Online Degree

Education Psychology

by Sidneiensis How to Get a Child Psychology Online Degree Child Psychology Degree – What is it?Child psychology is a branch of developmental psychology that focuses on the social, mental and emotional development of children. While developmental psychology focuses on the physiological, cognitive and social development that occurs throughout life, child psychology focuses on the child exclusively. With this degree, you become licensed to treat only children, improving their lives through behavior change.Child Psychology Online Degree – Education and TrainingMost child psychologist’s hold a masters or doctorate degree. If you don’t like school or don’t think you can handle much more…. Click Here to Read More

Clogged Pipes! Understanding the Pathology of Atherosclerosis


by gliageek Clogged Pipes! Understanding the Pathology of Atherosclerosis What is atherosclerosis?”Athero” is Greek for a gruel or paste, and “sclerosis” means hardening. This is exactly what happens in the blood vessels of people with this disease. A paste-like material hardens overtime to form a plaque. The specifics are in how and why are much more complicated.The gruel-like material is composed of several different things. The first, and perhaps most important element, is low density lipoprotein (ie: LDL). LDL, or “bad cholesterol”, is a mixture of lipid (ie: fat and cholesterol) and protein. These molecules accelerate the atherosclerotic process for reasons discussed below.How…. Click Here to Read More