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Zone of the Tenth Degree

Zone of the Tenth Degree In 1912, an alien ship crash lands in the Atlantic ocean, setting up a secret colony that remains undetected for centuries, allowing them to manipulate some of the most important events in human history — from the sinking of the Titanic to the Bermuda triangle to global warming. Now, the technology of the 26th century has discovered the aliens’ distress beacon, and it’s a race against time as the Navy tries to stop a terrorist armed with a nuclear weapon from destroying the colony and triggering an all-out war as the mother-ship approaches. "Brad Aiken is the future of humane, thoughtful science fiction." — Adam-Troy Castro "Zone of the Tenth…. Click Here to Read More

Mental Illness Test

Mental Illness

by Darron Birgenheier Mental Illness Test A mental illness test is a test designed to help one determine whether they are mentally healthy. It can also be prescribed for a person who is suspected to be mentally unstable. A person who is mentally healthy is able to make good judgments, is able to reason normally with people and has his emotions under control. A persons’ mental health status is put under question when his behavior becomes erratic and questionable, his moods change erratically and is unable to recover from psychological problems that he may be facing in his personal life.Unlike other tests, mental illness tests are very unique. How unique are they? Other health tests…. Click Here to Read More

Yogic View Of Psychology

Philosophy of Psychology

by h.koppdelaney Yogic View Of Psychology Psychology has been defined as “The science of the mind, or mental states and processes; the science of human nature…” Our Western psychology is a relatively recent science which, although valuable in basic matters regarding behaviour, personality and the general function of the mind, in no way claims knowledge of, or allows for the existence, let alone the study of the soul and spirit of the human being. It has made great advances in the study of human behaviour and mental diseases but has not found answers enough to cope with the mental aberrations which torment society and which, regrettably, are on the increase.Many of these abnormal…. Click Here to Read More

The Psychology of Genius

sex psychology

by Viewminder The Psychology of Genius On the power of genius and the need to develop practical psychological models and solutions to nurture geniuses.I’ve written a lot about the creative genius already. However the psychological profile of geniuses needs a separate discussion because it is very interesting and the traits or attributes of genius are so unique that they need proper identification and delineation. Genius is marked by high levels of intelligence, an intelligence quotient IQ score above 145, exceptionally high levels of independence and high levels of creativity. Most profound geniuses are very independent in their thinking, highly creative and have very high levels of…. Click Here to Read More

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洁净 Clean Best Of Clean Coffret: Rain + Skin + Warm Cotton 3x30ml/1oz Best Of Clean Coffret: 1x Rain Eau De Parfum Spray 1x Skin Rain Eau De Parfum Spray 1x Warm Cotton Eau De Parfum Spray List Price: 846.0 Price:…. Click Here to Read More

How To Find the Best Home Business

Physiological Aspects

by Internet Archive Book Images How To Find the Best Home Business Unfortunately there will probably always be the online business scam systems out there so we have to find out which one is the best home business for you and genuine so you can legitimately make money from it.TweetFinding the Best Home BusinessIf you think people will run away with your money and the opportunity is a scam, then there is a good chance that it might be. You see far too often, people are shown the pie in the sky claims only to find out when they start a home based business that things don’t seem like they were told. A way to overcome this would be to check out the persons’ testimonials who is going to…. Click Here to Read More

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How Psychics Can Perform Remote Viewing


by Internet Archive Book Images How Psychics Can Perform Remote Viewing Psychics do not need formal training to transmit and receive information through telepathic channels. It is evident that sick people recover miraculously thorough faith healing than other patients in the same hospital ward. Similar research done for the psychic society concurs that remote viewing is a mysterious fact.Accepting psychic remote viewingMany people, who practice meditation in groups as well as spiritual churches, give remote faith healing towards specific needy people or even towards the world at large. The mission is to give good will to the recipient and this is achieved through chakra mediation…. Click Here to Read More

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow What is the role of psychoanalysis in today’s world? Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow presents a selection of papers written by Hanna Segal. The collection introduces the reader to a wide spectrum of insights into psychoanalysis, ranging from current thoughts on the nature of dreaming to new ideas about vision and disillusionment. Her long interest in factors affecting war is pursued in her examination of the psychotic factors, symbolic significance and psychological impact of the events of September the 11th, and the ensuing war on Iraq. The second half of the book discusses Segal’s presentations to conferences and symposia from 1969-2000, this material…. Click Here to Read More

Pakistani Clothes & Fashion Dresses Collection

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You . . . Your Health . . . Your Community

You . . . Your Health . . . Your Community You . . . Your Health . . . Your Community discusses some of the influences affecting mans’ physical, mental and social well-being, either at home, school, or work. The topics covered in this text include the food and health around the world, social setting, our health at work, white plague and the English disease, and suicide and accidental death. Venereal diseases such as syphilis and gonorrhea are also described. This publication is beneficial to medical practitioners and students researching on some of the many factors that aggravate disease and disorder within a community and some features which, if developed, could enhance peoples’…. Click Here to Read More

Online Psychology Class

Industrial Psychology

by uniondocs Online Psychology Class A lot of jobs from these selections are not really directly related to the field of psychology but needs people who one way or another has the subject background. Having a master’s degree, it will pave way for you to works as an industrial or organizational psychological assistant or psychologist. A Ph.D however will enable you to open your own independent practices as a new psychologist. Therefore, in entering a psychology class, you must of course have your career goals that are specific that will always guide you into the career path that you’ll choose to have.Here are some tips in choosing a particular psychology class:Tip 1First and…. Click Here to Read More

Picky Eaters – Normal Or Pathological?


by The Blen Picky Eaters – Normal Or Pathological? The toddler period presents huge changes in development in many areas. Feeding in particular presents several challenges for parents. The once eager eater who opened his mouth for everything you presented on the spoon is now much more likely to reject foods and have a hard time sitting still for meals. Toddlers do not grow at the same rapid pace that infants grow and their food intake drops off significantly. Toddlers by definition are often on the move. They are busy exploring their world and testing limits with their parents. They frequently become skeptical of new foods and reject foods that they formerly seemed to enjoy. They…. Click Here to Read More

Top Psychology Graduate Schools – Princeton University

psychology Research

by Dru! Top Psychology Graduate Schools – Princeton University When you are choosing which graduate school you will attend to obtain your doctoral degree in the field of psychology, you are most certainly searching for the schools that only accept the best of the best. Professors should be award winning in their specific areas of study, and students should be excited about receiving top quality training that they will later use for careers in academia, government, private practice, and research institutions. If these are the specifications you’re looking for to earn your Ph.D. in psychology, then Princeton University is a great place for doctoral study.Princeton is a well-known…. Click Here to Read More

The Psychology of Selling