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A Clinical Introduction to Lacanian Psychoanalysis: Theory and Technique

Product DescriptionArguably the most profound psychoanalytic thinker since Freud, and deeply influential in many fields, Jacques Lacan often seems opaque to those he most wanted to reach. These are the readers Bruce Fink addresses in this clear and practical account of Lacan’s highly original approach to therapy. Written by a clinician for clinicians, Fink’s Introduction is an invaluable guide to Lacanian psychoanalysis, how it’s done, and how it differs from other forms of therapy. While elucidating many of Lacan’s theoretical notions, the book does so from the perspective of the practitioner faced with the pressing questions of diagnosis, which therapeutic stance to adopt, how to…. Click Here to Read More

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The Psychology of a Confident Child

Raising a confident child is key to ensuring a successful transition into adulthood. Enhancing a child’s self confidence is undoubtedly tantamount to creating healthy, stable adults. The experiences and lessons of childhood stay with us into adulthood. A confident child who is valued will feel valued throughout life. A child who feels bad and incompetent will continue to live with those feelings as an adult. To boost a child’s confidence, it is important that they receive constant positive feedback. A few simple words such as, “That’s a lovely drawing” go far in raising self esteem. A child hearing positive reinforcement will keep trying harder. A confident child who doesn’t…. Click Here to Read More

The Psychology of Selling

Cold case: Grad student missing in Costa Rica

Cold case: Grad student missing in Costa Rica American grad student David Gimelfarb vanished a year ago while hiking in Costa Rica. He is one of three visitors who disappeared there last year. Read more on…. Click Here to Read More

Reading Arabic isn’t easy

Reading Arabic isn’t easy A series of studies published in Neuropsychology has shown that because of the visual complexity of Arabic orthography, the brain’s right hemisphere is not involved in decoding the text in the first stages of learning to read. Read more on…. Click Here to Read More

Genesis 1990 seeks new home for mental health drop-in center

Genesis 1990 seeks new home for mental health drop-in center For those with no experience in the matter, It can be difficult to comprehend living with mental illness. Far too often, it is a long and lonely road to travel. There are times when it feels like nobody understands or cares about just how hard that journey is to make. Read more on The Ashland Daily…. Click Here to Read More

The Manifestation Code

Use The Scientific Blueprint To Manifest Your Intentions Into Reality, Through A Step-by-Step Guided Process Of Mental Exercises, Physical Actions and Emotional Conditioning. Attract Wealth, Prosperity And Love With The Manifestation Code. The Manifestation…. Click Here to Read More

Weight Loss Clinic And Interesting Weight Loss Programs To Be Unveiled In Denver

All over the world, people are becoming increasingly conscious regarding their weight. The concern arises, not so much because of the health benefits associated with a fit body, but also because of the lean and athletic look endorsed by cultural icons and celebrities. Well, nobody should be complaining against this trend. Whatever the reasons, weight loss for a healthy and trim body accrues many advantages and should be pursued by everyone. For people living in Denver, the physicians weight loss clinic are a great help. The professionals designing the weight loss programs ensure that people can enjoy life to the fullest, after shedding extra weight and watching calories. Weight loss…. Click Here to Read More

Chiang Mai University Online Tefl Course

Online TEFL Essentials Course The Language Institute of Chiang Mai University is offering a self-administered TEFL certificate through our virtual school.  This course has been entirely authored by the experts at the Language Institute.  The content is similar to that of the 120-hour, in-house course, but the online curriculum delves deeper into the theory, philosophy, and psychology of effective language teaching. This program offers the convenience of learning at your own pace, from anywhere with an internet connection and can be completed in as little as two weeks, or can be taken slowly over six months.  It’s all based on what is most comfortable for you.  During the course, you…. Click Here to Read More

Personality and Organizations

Product DescriptionPersonality has always been a predictor of performance. This book of original chapters is designed to fulfill a need for a contemporary treatment of human personality in work organizations. Bringing together top scholars in the field, this book provides a comprehensive study of the role of personality in organizational life. Utilizing a personality perspective, scholars review the role of personality in groups, job satisfaction, leadership, stress, motivation, organizational climate and culture, and vocational interests. In addition, the book looks at more classical topics in personality at work, including the measurement of personality, personality-performance…. Click Here to Read More

Gold & Sp500 Psychology: They Bail, We Buy

Understanding market psychology is crucial for a trader’s success. But so many people get caught up in the daily market volatility, media coverage and “noise” of the trading environment, it’s almost impossible to not think and trade in agreement with the majority of traders. However, effective technical analysis allows us to use trends, patterns and other indicators to evaluate the market’s current psychological state. Fortunately, this analysis can both enable us to independently forecast whether the market is heading in an upward or downward trend and do so against the grain of the majority. It takes a disciplined trader to be able to watch and listen to the market doing one…. Click Here to Read More

Killing Anxiety From The Roots – Revolutionary Product

Earn 70% commission! This is a seriously good anxiety and panic attack product with the backing of Anxiety2Calm.Com. Affiliate page: l Killing Anxiety From The Roots – Revolutionary…. Click Here to Read More

Personality and Personal Growth

Product Description With a newly revised and streamlined organization, the Sixth Edition maintains its cross-cultural, global, and gender-balanced perspectives while emphasizing humanistic and transpersonal psychologists in its exploration of the positive aspects of major personality theorists, stressing each one’s relevance for personal understanding. Highly praised for its exceptionally well-written style and accessibility, this book encourages and supports readers in using themselves as the primary touchstone for each theory. Each chapter gives readers opportunities to validate their insights through direct experience, and, by observing their own reactions, come to their own…. Click Here to Read More

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