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Divine Recycling

Product DescriptionDisproving the view that counseling is either anti-biblical or merely “psychobabble,” and warning against the extremes of New Age-type mysticism, Divine Recycling offers a multidimensional therapy which treats the individual according to his or her own unique needs. From a psychology of meaning, to physical treatment of the body and attention to the spiritual needs common to mankind, Divine Recycling emphasizes that diversity. Cutting-edge issues like brain plasticity and the biochemical results of exercise on memory are included. For some this will be a self-help book. For others this will offer a new approach to psychotherapy as a God-given tool in helping people…. Click Here to Read More

How Does Hypnosis Work

So, how does hypnosis work? Throughout this article I hope to give you a simple explanation of the effects hypnosis has on your brain. Who knows, maybe it could help you too! Hypnosis allows you to access your subconscious mind, the most powerful aspect of your brain. Hypnosis helps you make desirable, lasting changes in your life by reprogramming your thought patterns and habits. Contrary to popular beliefs, you are not unconscious when in a hypnotic state. Hypnosis is a natural state of the mind that is between the aware state and sleep. Have you ever driven along a route you use regularly and without realising, your mind wanders and you arrive at your destination without being…. Click Here to Read More

From Complexity to Creativity: Explorations in Evolutionary, Autopoietic, and Cognitive Dynamics

Product DescriptionThis groundbreaking text applies the concepts of complexity science to provide a unified scientific explanation of all aspects of human creativity. The book clearly describes the psynet model–a novel complex-systems theory–that integrates ideas from computer science, mathematics, neurobiology, philosophy, and cognitive and personality psychology. Goertzel shows how common computer science algorithms, such as neural nets and genetic algorithms, fit into the mental and creative process, and proposes that the understanding of mathematics must be extended to successfully deal with the mind’s workings. From Complexity to Creativity: Explorations in…. Click Here to Read More

The Psychology of Selling

Child and Adolescent Psychological Disorders: A Comprehensive Textbook

Product DescriptionThis reference mirrors the organization of the DSM-IV (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) but goes beyond a listing of diagnostic criteria, addressing what to do after the diagnosis is made. Each chapter reviews the research on each disorder, offering a critique of the DSM-IV criteria and then provides assessment strategies and treatment recomendation from experts in both clinical psychology and psychiatry. Child and Adolescent Psychological Disorders: A Comprehensive Textbook…. Click Here to Read More

You Can’t Afford the Luxury of a Negative Thought: A Tape for People with Any Life-threatening Illness – Including Life!

Product DescriptionDesigned for repeated listening, this audio cassette aims to help the listener think positively. You Can’t Afford the Luxury of a Negative Thought: A Tape for People with Any Life-threatening Illness – Including Life!…. Click Here to Read More

Business Psychology and Organisational Behaviour, 3rd Edition: A Student’s Handbook

Product DescriptionThis third edition of our best-selling text for students of business psychology and organisational behaviour has been revised to reflect recent theory and research and the needs of modern courses. Additional material has been added on important topics, such as:* historical perspectives in psychology and organisational behaviour* cross-cultural issues* diversity* ethics, personality and psychological testing and emotional intelligence* innovation, new forms of organisation, teambuilding and organisational citizenship* intuition in decision-making, training and development* the influence of genetics and emotion.Business Psychology and Organisational Behaviour is a…. Click Here to Read More

Plan for Your Child’s Career for Bright Future

After completing the school education, every student has confronted the problem of selection of streams. He has to select his stream for further studies such as Medical, non-medical, commerce, agriculture, trades, vocational etc. This decision has become very difficult for everybody. But Career Planning can play a very significant role in life. This is a process wherein we can decide an ideal and appropriate career depending upon your requirements. This planning depends upon one’s basic aptitudes, intrinsic interests, self confidence, psychological hurdles etc.   For Career Planning, an individual should have to find out his career related aptitudes. He can also sort out the matching…. Click Here to Read More

Recruitment Kit

Constructed by Organisational Psychologists. Everything you need to avoid hiring a “horror story”! Job analysis survey, job description template, telephone interview, targeted main interview questions, reference checker and advice on profiling Recruitment…. Click Here to Read More

Sex and Heart

Learn how to release old fears, relax and open your heart, expand yourself, your sexuality, and the relationship with your man. Learn how to heal, to trust, come into your most authentic you, sensuously, fabulously goddessy, and more than plenty enough. Sex and…. Click Here to Read More

On Ebay-how to Apply Nlp Techniques to Explode Your Profits?

This is the first of a two part article.Introduction Wouldn’t you like to hypnotize people into purchasing your auction items? Or what about if you could indirectly influence, sway and control people’s decision-making process, without them even realizing it? That’s what NLP is all about. NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming, a form of hypnosis based on hidden, subliminally persuasive language patterns either spoken or written.One famous example is Tony Robbins, a master in motivational success and personal growth training, talks using NLP naturally without him even thinking about it. If you listen to him talk in seminars, on television or cassette tapes, you can become quite inspired…. Click Here to Read More

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

What doctors don’t tell you because they don’t know. In my course I provide you with hard earned, practical knowledge for successfully overcoming Chronic Fatigue Syndrome using natural medicine. Chronic Fatigue…. Click Here to Read More

The Psychology of Selling

Recovering From Heart Disease in Body & Mind: Medical and Psychological Strategies for Living with Coronary Artery Disease

Product DescriptionCo-written by a psychiatrist and a cardiologist, this guide examines both the medical and the psychological ramifications of coronary heart disease, providing specific physical, mental and emotional strategies for recovery. Recovering From Heart Disease in Body & Mind: Medical and Psychological Strategies for Living with Coronary Artery…. Click Here to Read More