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Voluntary Madness: Lost and Found in the Mental Healthcare System

ISBN13: 9780143116851Condition: NEWNotes: Brand New from Publisher. No Remainder Mark. Product Description From the author of The New York Times bestseller Self- Made Man, a captivating expose of depression and mental illness in America Revelatory, deeply personal, and utterly relevant, Voluntary Madness is a controversial work that unveils the state of mental healthcare in the United States from the inside out. At the conclusion of her celebrated first book–Self-Made Man, in which she soent eighteen months disguised as a man-Norah Vincent found herself emotionally drained and severely depressed. Determined but uncertain about maintaining her own equilibrium, she boldly committed…. Click Here to Read More

Developmental Profiles: Pre-birth Through Twelve

Product DescriptionDesigned to help readers comprehend the complexity of child development, DEVELOPMENTAL PROFILES: PRE-BIRTH THROUGH TWELVE, Sixth Edition, highlights major characteristics for each of the developmental domains in a concise, non-technical, point-by-point format. Coverage of developmental profiles has been expanded to include middle childhood, and content has been updated to reflect current information about prenatal care and brain research. A key feature identifying important safety considerations at each developmental stage is given along with suggestions for appropriate adult supervision. Each chapter offers objectives, key terms, updated and more in-depth case…. Click Here to Read More

The Psychology of Selling

Who is the father of experimental psychology, and why?

I’ve been wavering between Fechner and Wundt, but I think Wundt is the right choice. He seemed to be one of the first to put empirical methods into practice… but I’m not…. Click Here to Read More

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What are some colleges that offer degrees/majors in Clinical Child Psychology?

I’m doing some research for school, and I was very intrigued by Clinical Child Psychology, as being I would love to become a psychologist for children and I don’t know where any good colleges around the state of Connecticut are located. the website would be helpful! Thanks so muchh!!…. Click Here to Read More

The Psychology of Selling

Dream Interpretation As A Science.

The Knowledge You Can Access Through Your Own Dreams Protects You From Diseases And Accidents, And Has The Potential To Cure You Of Mental Illness Or Physical Disease, Thereby Guaranteeing Your Mental Health For Life. Dream Interpretation As A…. Click Here to Read More

The Psychology of Selling


GENOMIC  RESEARCH IN REPRODUCTION Gazanfer Wani  MBBS and Ghulam,Mohyuddin Wani BVSC&AH,MVSC,PhD,Dr.Med.Vet WHY GENOMIC RESEARCH        The Genomic research  is a low cost high input technology. The approach in the genomic format is a holistic one and not a reductionist one,which limits the scope of gene effects on other biological environment. What is it Reproductive processes Ovarian oogenesis and folliculogenesis undergo complex physiological and morphological changes within the follicle, leading to cell differentiation and oocyte development. The gene expression and its interactions during oogenesis and folliculagenesis is difficult to be understood  and explained without…. Click Here to Read More

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What is a good topic to write a literature review on for a Cognitive Psychology paper?

I know how to write a literature review. I’m just having troubles figuring out a topic. The paper must use four scholary sources and has to be ten pages long. Thanks for any…. Click Here to Read More

The Role Of The Neuropsychologist

One of the most devastating and debilitating injuries that occur after a traumatic motor vehicle or motorcycle accident is a”> traumatic brain injury. In some cases, the damage presents itself in an obvious manner, affecting your motor skills, speech, and other outward signs. The role of the neuropsychologist is to diagnose and treat patients whose brain injuries are not so obvious, ones where cognitive ability is affected, not just motor functions. Neuropsychology The study of the relationship to the physical workings of the brain to cognitive functions is the role of the neuropsychologist. Cognitive abilities include: Damage to the…. Click Here to Read More

The Psychology of Selling

What is Clinical psychology? and Clinical medicine?

what is clinial psychology and clinical…. Click Here to Read More

The Psychology of Selling

How social,cognitive and biological psychology relate to behaviorism ?

How social,cognitive and biological psychology contends relative to behaviorism’s techniques or justifications of behavioral…. Click Here to Read More

Sexuality, Intimacy, Power

Product DescriptionCan contemporary psychoanalysis tell us anything about sexuality that is new and clinically meaningful?  It most certainly can, answers Muriel Dimen in Sexuality, Intimacy, Power, a compelling attempt to revivify Freud’s core interest, in “sexual impulses in the ordinary sense of the term.” But there is nothing ordinary about Dimen’s project.  Drawing on contemporary relational theory, feminism, and postmodernism, she takes a sustained, sometimes irreverent, look at assumptions about psychosexuality.  For Dimen, the shift from dualism to multiplicity that has reshaped a range of disciplines can also be brought to bear on our thinking about sexuality.  She urges us…. Click Here to Read More

Meet the Candidates

Meet the Candidates The East Riding Area will go to the polls next Thursday as the candidates for our region battle it out for the coveted East Yorkshire seat. (29/04/2010 16:48:16) Read more on Bridlington…. Click Here to Read More